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If you’re looking for a date in London, is here to help.When you cross the date line, you become a time traveler of sorts!Cross to the west and it’s one day later; cross back and you’ve “gone back in time." Despite its name, the International Date Line has no legal international status and countries are free to choose the dates that they observe.All definitions contained within these Leased Lines Specific Terms and Conditions have the same meaning as those set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Supply unless specified below: “Access” means a copper or fibre optic internet and/or data connection which is provided via a dedicated link and used exclusively by you for the purposes of data transmission; “Activation Date” means the date upon which we confirm to you that the Leased Line Service is available for use; “Assurance Backup” means a secondary connection which facilitates the remote management and monitoring of the CPE and which can be used as a limited failover service in the event of a failure of the Leased Line Service; “Broadband” means internet access using ADSL Max and/or ADSL2 technology and/or such other technology as is available from time to time and offered by Zen to its customers; "Customer Order Form" means the order form for the supply by Zen of the Equipment and/or Services which has been completed by, or in accordance with an order from, you; “CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)” means the equipment located at your premises and which is connected with Zen’s leased line, Ethernet or private line circuit/service; “EFM” means Ethernet in the First Mile which is an internet connection provided over copper; "Ethernet" means the technology used to deliver a Leased Line; "Leased Line" means a copper or fibre optic internet and/or data connection provided and managed in such a way so as to provide guarantees about data throughput and performance; "Leased Line Service(s)" or "Service" means the provision of one of the following Leased Lines (i) Access, (ii) Ethernet, (iii) Private Line Service, (iv) EFM or (v) Eo FTTC as specified on the Customer Order Form; “Installation Service” means the onsite installation service offered by Zen as specified on the Customer Order Form and in accordance with the provisions of clause 11; "Minimum Cancellation Notice Period" means 30 working days (to expire on or after the Minimum Service Period), unless otherwise stated in the Customer Order Form; "Minimum Service Period" means the greater of 12 months or the period set out in the Customer Order Form; “Eo FTTC Ethernet” means an internet connection provided using the technologies of FTTC (or FTTP where available) circuits to deliver business grade Ethernet services; “Premium Bandwidth Type” means a high speed internet connection that allows customers to peak to maximum purchased speed under all operating conditions and at all times; "Private Line Circuit" or "Private Line Service" means a point to point connection which enables data to be transferred between two business premises; "Rental Agreement" means any rental agreement entered into between Zen and you for the rent by you of the Equipment (where specified in the Customer Order Form); "Service Level Agreement" or "SLA" means the service level agreement for the Leased Line Service that describes the service levels to be met by Zen together with the remedies available to you for failure to meet such service levels; “Standard Bandwidth Type” means where the service is contended at a 5:1 ratio, with a guaranteed customer data rate (CDR) of 20% of the maximum, bursting up to the maximum when network capacity permits.Standard traffic above the CDR will be carried at risk of discard under congestion.At Successful Singles,whether you are in your 30's or 70's, we assist singles that are divorced singles, single parents, widowed singles to find just the right one for you.