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Craigs list chicago dating

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Even if posting is typically free, running an ad on Craigslist can still be a worthless endeavor if you're not aware of all the factors involved.Exactly how long a Craiglist ad remains active depends upon its category, its geographical location and whether you're willing to pay additional fees.Searching through the myriad ads in a room or roommate search can be terrifying when the outcome is a total toss-up.Chicagoans not fortunate enough to dwell in solitude -- or those who just like playing Russian roulette for company -- have their fair share of crazy to contend with, and Craigslist is a hotbed for outright weird ads like the ones we found posted over the course of the past month.Craigslist is an internationally popular website used for posting jobs, items for sale, real estate, services and personal ads.

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You start talking to a self-shrinking violet who wants to par Ty and be wooed with roses. If you fell for the shrinking violet story, you missed the hidden message written between the lines. But even an innocent Craigslist search for a good deal on used furniture can land you in a sticky situation. By the time you read this list, it may already be outdated.

All For Sale, Housing, Personals, Services, Community, Resumes and Gigs ads expire after 45 days.

Any Events ads remain active until the event's date range expires.

Just be sure to include "Monkey Cheese" in the subject line if you're serious. His "rent will be paid by section 8 so all you will be responsible for is cleaning and your food and gas or Internet," and the honor of sleeping in the same bed as your insta-beau.

Would you like to be this man's live-in girlfriend? We can't imagine doing this and drinking lightly though, so... Are you looking to rent a room to someone without excessive emotional baggage?