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Here are the actual transactions from a screen grab I took a month ago: Long story short, I called my credit card company.

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Most sports fans aren't tuning in to watch their favorite sport to see the seductive sideline reporter.And they probably aren't clicking over to ESPN to see which of its statuesque blondes is co-anchoring the latest edition of It's the same reason nobody tunes in to see Phil Simms or Joe Buck blather on during their live game broadcasts—except that many of the women in the broadcast media are a welcome addition to the sports world rather than a plague on it.

I have always viewed those as a four to seven-chapter book.There are more women holding prominent positions in the sports media today than ever before.Some have already found unprecedented success, while many others are stars on the rise who are just getting started.Moved into the cleanup spot one day after the Auburn offense struck out 21 times, Rivera’s strike was crippling to Alabama’s anemic offense and its well-documented struggles to string together any sort of fortune.Until Alabama shortstop Sydney Booker rolled a two-out triple down the first-base line in the sixth inning and scored on Gabby Callaway’s single, Auburn’s pitching shut out the Crimson Tide for 14 innings.Here are the 40 most popular female sports reporters today. And if I missed Current Employer: Fox Sports Past Experience: ESPN Tallahassee Twitter ID: @Kristen Ledlow Twitter Followers: Approaching 3,000Did You Know: Kristen Ledlow is a former collegiate athlete and graduate of Southeastern University.