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The good news is you can reclaim VAT added to certain expenditure that was paid out prior to your business registration for VAT.HMRC’s instructions on this issue confirm: There is a time limit for backdating claims for VAT paid before registration. A person has been farming for a number of years and is not registered for VAT as he has not attained the R1 million sales threshold obliging him to register as a VAT vendor. If he is able to claim the input VAT on these items, and is selected for a SARS audit, is it not a problem that his VAT number is not reflected on the invoices and the invoices predate the VAT registration date. In a similar situation to that above, a client wants to start his own business and wants to register for VAT voluntarily or because he feels his turnover will exceed R1 million per annum.Assuming he can, and he didn’t charge VAT on his sales in the first 3 months, will SARS deem these sales to include VAT?For example will they be included on the first vat return?The First Tier Tribunal (FTT) found that the misunderstanding of the company over whether the builders’ costs were for goods or services was genuine.You can’t reclaim VAT for: You will need to reduce your claim if goods or services have a mix of business and private use.

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You are unable to reclaim VAT under the scheme except where you purchase capital equipment costing over £2,000.HMRC should have considered this but did not, and so their decision not to allow the backdating was unreasonable. His turnover is now approaching the R1million mark and is expected to exceed R1 million for the tax year. What is the effective date when registering for Vat? Once registered for VAT, can he claim VAT on the capital equipment he purchased two years ago when starting his business. However, it has become SARS’ practice not to allow anyone to register for VAT until they have traded for 3 months and can prove this. In this case, what is the effective date when registering for Vat? What is the situation with regard to sales in the first 3 months of trading. Does he charge VAT on these sales prior to registration for VAT? Can he claim input VAT on the capital equipment purchased in the first 3 months once registered for VAT.Goods are those used exclusively for business purposes, and exclude capital expenditure and food & drink.It is not yet clear whether costs usually described as "services", rather than "goods", eg.If you expect your annual turnover to exceed that threshold quickly, then you are probably best registering on day one.